Me and Bombay Rains

Bombay rains. You must be thinking that there are rains everywhere in the world, then what is so special about the rains of Mumbai(Bombay). Well, everything is. I am not saying this because I am Mumbaiker(or maybe I am) or anything and I know that I haven’t seen a lot of different cities’ rains, but […]

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Refugees and Peace

65.3 million. Now, if you know numbers, then you know that that is a huge amount. This is the amount of refugees in our world right now. I know, frightening, isn’t it? But, it is what it is and this is the actual number of refugees in our so called peaceful modern world right now. […]

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A Selfless Life

Hi. I am somebody. You know me. Some of you would like me to live. But most of you, just want to kill me for your good. You won’t think about it twice and I know that I will probably die before most of you even see me. I can do nothing about it. Nothing. […]

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CONCERTS. They are the most intriguing, exciting and adrenaline-filled nights(or days) of our lives. So, continuing firm my previous blog, I, along with my parents, was waiting outside the Dublin Square, filled with excitement and goosebumps. Finally, the time arrived, and the gates opened. Slowly, the place started filling with all kinds of fans and some […]

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MY FIRST…. – Part 1

FIRSTS. My first word. My first walk. My first yawn. My first laugh. My first day of playschool. My first of school. My first day of college. And the list goes on. All of us, have a lot of special firsts that can never be erased from our mind full of memories. Now, you must be […]

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SURAT. My special place. A place where I go and forget all my worries. It is the place where my most memorable memories have been created. It’s not my hometown, but it’s more than that to me. Most of my maternal family lives there.The best part, for me, of going there is meeting my sisters […]



KUMBHALGARH.Now, when I first heard about this place, my first thought was,”Why is this name so heavy,like,really, really heavy??”(I know, lame joke, right?). Now, for those who don’t know about ths place, it is a Mewar fortress on the westerly range of Aravalli Hills, in the Rajsamand district near Udaipur of Rajasthan state in western […]