Feminism VS Masculism

Feminism. It’s a term which is quite commonly used in today’s world. If I make the tiniest of statements in favor of girls or women, I automatically become a feminist or people assume me to be a feminist which is true but not so much when taken in the wrong sense. Coming to boys or […]

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Me – People = ME

Weird. Peculiar. Strange. These are some of the words that we usually use for people who are not like us or we don’t like. When there is this one girl in your class who is always separate from the others and is silent or doesn’t do things like we do, we prefer to term them […]

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Refugees and Peace

65.3 million. Now, if you know numbers, then you know that that is a huge amount. This is the amount of refugees in our world right now. I know, frightening, isn’t it? But, it is what it is and this is the actual number of refugees in our so called peaceful modern world right now. […]

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A Selfless Life

Hi. I am somebody. You know me. Some of you would like me to live. But most of you, just want to kill me for your good. You won’t think about it twice and I know that I will probably die before most of you even see me. I can do nothing about it. Nothing. […]

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