Winning Over Fears

Fear. It is an unpleasant emotion caused by threat of danger, pain, or harm. There are different kinds of fear like serious fears like when you are in some serious danger or when you are terribly hurt and then there are small, regular fears which we all of have. Even though people might try to hide it, but everyone has a fear. And it is not necessary that it has to be a common fear that almost everyone else has. It can be that but it can’t too. People have all kinds of fears from most common ones to the  weirdest ones.

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I know a person who is scared of pigeons. Another person I know is secretly scared of bent pages or edges of books. Some people have fear of cockroaches and lizards and snakes. Sometimes, people don’t even know that they are scared of something until they face them. I, personally, also have a lot of weird fears. One of my biggest fears are dogs. I don’t know why, but everytime I see a dog anywhere around me, I just panic. So, recently one of my closest friends got a puppy, Frisky. The cutest in the world I must tell you. I called up my friend and went all ninja attacking on her. I was angry of the fact that she bought a puppy and that now I couldn’t go to hang at her house. In the end, I realised how stupid I was being and congratulated her. She made me promise that day that she would make me overcome that fear of mine and I will have to help her and support her to do that.
After that, she called me frequently to visit her house to meet her and Frisky. It has only been a few days since I have been meeting him but I have already started overcoming my fear of dogs bit by bit. Now, whenever I see a dog, I don’t freak out as much as I did before. I have actually started missing Frisky whenever I don’t meet him. He is still a pup but he is actually helping me overcome my fear of dogs(yes yes you helped me too A).

So, basically, today I wanted to talk about the different kinds of fears we all have and how when we actually face them, they are not that scary as we thought they would be and that we might even realise that our fear was not even real and necessary. Like I was scared of dogs because I always thought that they would bite me and rip off some part of my body. But, after spending time with Frisky, I realised that they won’t bite me if don’t hurt them. Their running towards someone doesn’t always mean that they are going to bite them. It’s just their way of expressing love and affection. I am still afraid of them but it will disappear slowly, for sure. I know that.

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In short, for us to overcome our fears, we need to face them. Most of us don’t do that. We do the exact opposite of that by avoiding every chance of facing our fears. I am guilty of that too. Some people try to hide it as much as possible. We need to share our fears with our family and friends and let it out. We try to avoid of fears in every possible situation and sometimes to such an extent that when we actually face them, we just can’t handle ourselves and we lose control over ourselves. And sometimes that can lead to serious consequences. So, basically, we need to learn to face our fears before they turn into something terrible and huge. So, let’s make a promise to ourselves that from today onwards we will make atleast one, however small, effort to overcome our fears and to help others to do so too. Wouldn’t it help us make the world a better world to live in for everyone. So, don’t let the stench of your fears ruin the beautiful fragrance of your life.

Have you ever had a fear? Ofcourse you have, everyone has. It’s just normal. So, what’s you fear? Go! Feel free to share it with me in the comment box below. And if you like my blog and relate with it, please do like it, share it with your family and friends and also follow my blog for further blog updates. See you next time. Till then, always remember, So, always remember, Be brave. Be strong. Be great.❤


   “Not everything that is faced can be changed, but nothing can changed until it is                                                                                faced.”



18 thoughts on “Winning Over Fears

  1. Really great writing! I used to be scared of so many things like heights, lifts, open spaces but now… i am trying to face them! And it is exactly as you said… either you face the fear or it will always remain there. There are things that still scary me despite trying hard (planes!)… but will keep on working on it! 🙂

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    1. Thanks for your feedback Janice…. I totally agree that we should not be rash on ourselves but have the courage to face our fears when we are ready to do it. I will surely keep in mind to check out your blog.

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      1. That’s really cool.. Yes I am a new blogger and I started this blog 3 months ago… I would love to be a part of your blogging event.. Please do tell me the details and I’ll look it through. 🙂


  2. Facing our fears only makes us stronger!! And brave lol. I fear walking in the darkness. Not inside a house though, only outside where there are lots of trees. Gives me the heebie jeebies!!! Nice blog!

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    1. Thanks. I am glad you likes my blog and even I am a little scared of dark even in my house because I tend all kinds of weird noises but I know it’s just in my mind and I can overcome it… best of luck to you too for overcoming your fear.. Do tell me if you overcome it someday… I’ll be glad I could help somebody.

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      1. Thank you so much!! Hopefully I “grow out of it”….but I don’t know. I’m 23. LOL. Don’t see it happening. Good luck to you too! Thanks for writing such a relatable post 🙂

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  3. Hey! It’s a nice blog… I would say one of your best! Lovely and it’s truly written from the heart which is what makes it all the more special!!

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  4. Yet another nice blog dear!!

    FEAR is a mind set. Some far heights, some reach there to dive for adventure. Some fear depth, Scuba divers push for the deeper horizon to explore the unknown. Many fear the snakes where others pet them (legally or illegally) So why some love the same things what’s feared to death by others?

    I Guess it’s a mind set what’s developed over the years during one’s upbringing. For example, If your dad had gifted Puppy on your 5th Bday, your story for dogs could be very well different, right? Kids of mountaineers or scuba divers or animal lovers have been exposed to respective activities from their early childhood only to strengthen with the passage of time. I think this makes a great difference between people with no appetite for such adventure & those who crave for them. Of course, then there’s an individual’s penchant & DNA which also helps.

    But one thing is clear, since many could do so can we provided we show & work on the courage to overcome our respective fear. No harm in taking a calculated risks. The payoff in the end is HUGE, you’ll start believing in your capabilities that if anybody can, then you can! Which will eventually help you in your life at many occasions in all aspects. My personal opinion based on several years of experience says that “Contemplated (Assumed) fear is always more than the real one” in every aspect. Give it a try & see the result yourself. Once you know this truth, you will never fall in the trap that the fear sets in for you..!!😉

    After all, Darr ke aage, Jeet very true👍

    Keep writing dear.😊


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